Twitter To Email Full Guide.

OK Lets Start!


Sign Out Of All Google Accounts.

To use Twitter To Email, You have to purchase the google sheets by sending us a one time payment of $25 Dollars.

To purchase press below And Fill Out Your Credit Card Info.

Once We Process Your Payment You will receive access within a few Hours.

You can Try our system "FREE" by using the "Trial Version" Check Out STEP 3.


Once you recieved access choose the sheet you want to use. Tweet text only, or with pictures.

Click on make a copy and sign in with the email address that you provided with us.

"Are you using your google account the first time now?

make sure to watch how to connect your google account to twitter..."

"If your filter is blocking you the connection process, you should request the link, and then contact them and explain them that you want to use it to connect your google sheet with twitter and they will open it."


To follow only 1 twitter account on this sheet

type in the username you want to follow like this from:username

Example, from:kollelniyes Click Here For A Example Picture.

If you want to follow more then 1 twitter account on this sheet

You Can Do It By Entering The Following In The Search Term.

(from:kollelniyes) OR (from:kolhaolam) OR (from:realdonaldtrump) Click Here For A Example Picture.

Dont change anything else on the sheet it will change later automatically.

Click on TAGS and then RUN now. Click Here For A Example Picture.


The First time using it you will have to connect your google account to your twitter account, just follow the on screen instructions.

Or "Watch The Twitter Tutorial Video here."

When you are finish connecting click again on run now as shown above.

now you will have to authorize google.

Note: if it says "This app isn't verified" then click on advanced and on Go to TAGS v6.1 Client (unsafe)

If You Recieve This Error (picture) "Failed to send email: no recipient" When Running It, Just Ignore It.

Now check out the archive page you will see all latest tweets from @KollelNiyes Click Here For A Example Picture.


Click on the email address sheet on the bottom of the page.

"Before entering your email address click the blue button. (if you dont click it it wont work!)"

After Clicking enter in the yellow box your cell number with your carriers mms email gateway (check more info below), where you want to receive the tweets.

Click For A List Of All Popular Phone Carriers Email Gateways.

  • Verizon: ===========

  • AT&T: ============

  • T-Mobile: =========

  • Sprint: ==========

  • Net 10 ======

  • Wing =======

Verizon Example:

AT&T Example:

Net 10 Example:

You can add multiple email addresses by entering a comma between the addresses Click Here For A Example Picture.

but remember you only have 100 mails per day, and it will be counted for every email you are adding.

OK your twitter to email is fully set up!


Now will set that it should run every minute automatically.

go back to the google sheet and click on TAGS and the last option "update archive every minute" Click Here For A Example Picture.

Congratulations!!! your twitter to email is finish!!!! Every Time A tweet is published you will receive a email within 1 minute, enjoy.

But remember that you only have 100 emails per day per account on your free gmail account.

To get a EDU email address with a limit of 1500 emails per day click here.


if you want to follow more accounts just do the process again with a new google sheet!!

Or Check STEP 4 again.