Welcome To Twitter To Email, Control By SMS !

"Twitter To Email , Control By SMS" is a system that lets you follow your favorite twitter accounts

just by sending a text message command to your Gmail account!

The system will execute your command and change the twitter settings to follow your needs.

This System Is running on a google sheet template integrated with Gmail and twitter.

You Will Connect twitter to the google sheet that will collect the tweets into the sheet,

And your Gmail will read your text commands and will send out automatic emails from the google sheet to your phone.

This process trigger will run and check for new tweets every minute.

Please Note That Google Has A limitation On free google accounts that you can only send 100 emails per day

So if you think you need more you will have to use a few google accounts.

If you have a G Suite account you can send up to 1500 mails (text messages) per day.

Or for a other method to get 1500 emails per day Click Here.


We have added the following commands to the system:

To follow a twitter account send #FOLLOW USERNAME (#FOLLOW JOEBIDEN)

To unfollow a twitter account send #UNFOLLOW USERNAME (#UNFOLLOW JOEBIDEN)

To pause receiving text messages send #TEXT OFF

To restart receiving text messages send #TEXT ON

To see a list of all accounts that you are currently following send #LIST

To stop and delete all twitter accounts from your list send #STOP

To list all the system commands send #HELP

The system will usually reply with a success message letting you know that the command has been executed successfully!

Note: The success message can arrive between 2 to 7 minutes after you send the command,

So please be patient and don't spam the system by repeating the commands again, It will just make everything slower.

Are You Interested To Proceed? Click Below For The Setup Page.